The job of credit analyst

BlWalters People explains in detail the business of credit analyst, what it consists of, its specificities and issues.
What is a credit analyst?

The credit analyst is the person who is in charge of determining the risks and guarantees presented by legal entities and individuals who want to subscribe a credit in a bank.

In the case of loans requested by an individual, he / she must study his file in order to make a statement of his financial situation. He / she checks that his income allows him to go into debt and that he is not in a situation of overindebtedness either. The bank analyzes the solvency of its debtors or customers.

When the subscriber is a company, the credit analyst analyzes the company’s summary documents (income statement and balance sheet), he / she studies his position in relation to the competing operators and he / she also points out the risks of bankruptcy that ‘she presents. He / She also inquires about the performance of the industry in which the company operates to determine whether it is a carrier and whether the company is still likely to grow.

After evaluating the risks, the credit officer notifies his client of the refusal or acceptance of his request. In the latter case, he / she determines the conditions under which his bank is ready to grant credit. He / she writes a preliminary contract in which he / she sets the amount of the outstandings granted, the interest rate, the number of monthly payments, the duration, insurance, the cost of ancillary services, etc. The signature of the contract by the customer is equivalent to its adherence to its clauses and the funds are then released and paid into his account.

Generally, the analyst may have the authority to release the funds, but depending on the procedures in his institution, he / she may also be responsible only for receiving the records and giving his opinion.

What is the typical path of a credit analyst?

After a few years in the job, the credit officer may be called to become a client manager or branch manager.

What are the qualities of a credit analyst?

Since he / she is not entitled to the error, the credit analyst must be both rigorous and have a spirit of synthesis. He / she must also master the basics of finance (including the solvency and liquidity ratios) and the regulations that govern it. Moreover, it is imperative that he / she has a good interpersonal sense, because he / she is in contact with the customers. He / she must be persuasive and know how to present ideas.

Fluency in English and computer tools are the essential knowledge required for this collaborator. He / She can indeed handle files of individuals or foreign companies. In addition, he / she will have to write contracts, make tables, send emails, fill in a database, etc.

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