FIFA TEST 20: Unchanged recipe or renewal?

The start of the new school year also means the resumption of the football leagues and the Champion’s League. In short, it’s football at its best. eFootball PES 2020 took to the field on September 10th and it’s now the turn of EA Sports’ newest addition to the team to put on his spikes and take to the arena. Does FIFA 20 have all the cards in hand to declare itself king of the game for the 2019-2020 season ahead? Let’s put on our jersey and tell you about it in our Test!

And here we go again! The squad is up to date, the stadiums are still full to bursting with the same fans, the atmosphere is lively, but above all, players with a high degree of realism – not for everyone, however, arrive in the arena. From the outset, we always notice the same flaws, namely this little grainy side, cartoon and sometimes even some renderings that we will describe as terrifying for some players (Edinson Cavani or Harry Kane to name but two) … In short, we get to the heart of the matter. Will the rest of the game be the same after this very first approach? Well, let’s see…

The atmosphere is the same as in the last part, except that this year the official licensed Juventus team leaves us to make way for the “Piemonte Calcio”. A bitter-sweet taste for the fans of the Old Lady, but that’s the way it is. However, this does not change the feeling felt ball to ball. We’ll come back to that below. As for Hervé Mathoux and Pierre Ménès, they are immovable and always in command of the French commentaries. We would have preferred to see Franck Sauzée back for his accuracy, perfect diction and expertise, but that’s how life goes. When will we see the pair Omar da Fonseca and Benjamin da Silva? We can always hope after all.

In his little slippers, warm!

The title of the game sums up this FIFA 20 in terms of traditional gameplay. By “traditional gameplay” I mean of course the classic 11 v 11 matches. And on that note, we have to admit that EA has been shy on innovations. It’s rare for a FIFA to take control and feel continuity in the gameplay. You know, that feeling of playing FIFA 19 without feeling a transition phase. Usually there’s always a few hours to adapt to changes, whether it’s in the offensive or defensive phases. This year it’s not like that. Is it bad news though? Not entirely in the sense that FIFA 19 had a good balance in its gameplay. However, this new iteration has the same shortcomings.

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FIFA 20 is like an episode of ‘Olive and Tom’, with the focus on attack. Or even exclusively. The title is meant to be dynamic and fast, but the construction and timing seem to be out of EA Sport’s lexicon. Indeed, many so-called “laser” passes pass everything, such as deep lobbed passes. It’s not at the level of a FIFA 18 on this last point, but it’s disconcerting at times.

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